Engage, Assess, Plan, Reinvent

Getting Ready for 2021

  • Module 1: ENGAGE

    Whether you have a mature stakeholder programme in place or not, this module will explain the best practices to either forming one or modifying the one you already have. Whichever situation applies to your travel programme, these units reflect the changes needed following the major disruption left by the pandemic.

  • Module 2: ASSESS

    In this module you will focus on many of the trends emerging, from the global economic outlook to hot zones and lockdowns, to new protocols and legislation. Not forgetting the impact the pandemic has had on the business travel eco-system and supply chain. All of these will impact your organisation's projects and travel plans in the year ahead.

  • Module 3: PLAN

    There are many approaches to crisis and business continuity planning. Most involve establishing a crisis team, identifying the key risks, developing a plan for dealing with the crisis, and planning for full recovery. This module addresses the key elements of how to plan for the continuing pandemic crisis, as well as the steps to consider as your organisation plans a return to travel.

  • Module 4: REINVENT

    The pandemic crisis has just made disruption very real, and has put a spotlight on the gaps in operations and technical investments. Organisations across the business travel sector will start thinking more urgently about their technology and digital capabilities. This is not time for 'nice to have' thinking. It means starting, continuing or accelerating the focus and investment in customer, operations, technology transformation and training.


The following organisations allowed us to spotlight them in this course, providing key insights into business travel after the travel freeze.

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